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Our mission at Greener World is to be a network of greener, healthier products and services for you, your home, your garden and your environment. Our goal is to promote the balance of life and to live well without chemicals.

We will begin with information and sources for:

 • Safer Alternatives to Pesticides Herbicides
           Organic Hawaii Flowers
           Healthier Gardening Program from NCAP
           Pesticide Alert - Don't Spray California

 • Green Building Design, Renovation Construction

 • Organic Gardening, Composting and Vermiculture
          Article:  More for Your Money When You Choose Organic

 • Environmentally-safe Cleaning Personal Care Products
          Article:  Don't Offend with Second-Hand Chemicals

           Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner
          Try Enviro-One Green Cleaner and Never Use Chemical Cleaners Again!

 • Natural Healing Methods
          Article:  Age-Old Solutions to Managing Modern-Day Stress

As we build our network, we invite you to share your ideas on what information and services, specific and general, you would like to see us provide. Are greener products unavailable in your area or are shipping costs prohibitive? Would you like to link to our site?

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Please contact us at  [email protected]     Aloha!

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